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Published on 29.12.2019 / Author: Michael Corden

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Increase of erection after 6 weeks

( Verified Customer: James C.)

First, a little more about myself: My name is Michael I used to work as a content producer for several big porn companies. People always ask me how Pornstars shoot these unrealistically huge loads and can keep it up for the longest times.

It shows me that they are a bit insecure about their sex life and it makes sense. Who wouldn't be a little intimidated after watching some hung guys fuck for hours and then compare it to their own performance the previous night. Some of them probably only last 2-3 minutes and their wives dream about having a Pornstar's big dick inside of them. I see their girls looking at me sometimes and I can tell that they're thinking about having sex with me.

Let me tell you one thing:

How Pornstars increase their erection size and Stamina

We use supplements and there is nothing wrong with that. Athletes do it too. They use supplements to increase the size of their muscles and us male pornstars use special supplements to increase the size of our dick. After all, it pays our bills and if we can't perform we are out of a job quite fast.

Results after 8 weeks of Supplement therapy

Here is something you need to know: Pornstars use supplements to increase the size of their erections and their sexual stamina. The average dick size isn't 10+ and we use supplements to get more blood flowing into the blood vessels down there to increase our size permanently. Have you ever tried to keep it up for hours and fuck numerous girls? That’s HARD WORK and requires a little help. YOU can also have a Pornstar size erection and last longer. It is easier than you think!

All the famous pornstars that you know and see take a supplement. Furthermore, to be able to have sex with numerous sex partners a day you need a supplement that keeps you hard and going. So if YOU want to fuck like a pornstar you have to take what Pornstars take.

"Every Pornstar uses penis pill supplements to add inches to his size..."

says Top Productions owner, who also directs and performs in scenes. "You have to be, and any guy who says he isn't is lying. In the real world, you don't have sex for this long; that's the reality."

Fortune Magazine Aug 2019

Increase of erection after 6 weeks

( Verified NEW Customer: Mark O.)

So what is the product most of these guys are taking?

The supplement most Male performers including me use is called IronXmale **Update: Multi Bottles deals still available here

It’s made in the USA (I wouldn't trust anything from abroad) and it is designed to increase your Penis Size and Stamina. Also, it's not available anywhere else but in USA. The Hungarian porn industry is freaking out because they can't get it. Also, we've filmed people coming to their casting with an average dick size and after taking the pills for one month they come back with about 3 more inches when they are erect.

Thicker & Larger erection after using IronXmale for 4 weeks

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So what is inside IronXmale?

The main ingredient is NATURE! The main secret is the mix of Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, Zinc, Ginseng Eleutherococcus and L-Arginine HCL. You can google this, but in short - Tongkat Ali is a proven ancient Chinese remedy to combat falling testosterone levels and Maca Root sharpens and focuses your sexual desire with an intesity to be remembered!

The increased blood flow makes the erections harder and also increases the erection size. The Ginseng Eleutherococcus serves to increase blood oxidation meaning you have more 'air' in your blood therefor you have a rock-hard erections. In the end the L-Arginine HCL serves to relax your arteries and allow massive blood flow and therefor size of your penis. The combination of these natural ingredients is the real reason why IronXmale is a success on the Male Enhancement market!

I’ve been on the set for over a decade and quite frankly there is nothing wrong with enhancement. My problem is just that I feel that people get frustrated when they see these huge cocks & loads in those videos and think its all real.

You can have a bigger dick & harder erections as well my friend. All you need to do is take what the pros take! Also please keep in mind to be realistic when trying this product. It comes down to where you start from. These enhancement pills are not designed to triple your dick size. That's just ridiculous. If you start at 6 inches you will most likely end up at around 9+ inches after taking it for a few weeks. But am sure that's more than enough to keep your better half happy!

Thicker & Larger erection, growth: 4+ inches after taking IronXmale for 8 weeks

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Where can i get IronXmale?

You can order IronXmale on their official site and the best part is they even offer a sweet gift. They're are so convinced that you will like the results that they have double and triple bottle supplies for a reduced price! You don't even pay the shipping & handling.


One last thing! If you'd like to send us pictures of YOUR results, you can do that but please do it directly to IronXmale via their official site or via their email so we'll know they are legit! Looking forward hearing about your results!!!


Before, my penis was 4.7 inches, and I was afraid to dissapoint girls. After a few bad experiences it got to a point where I was scared go further in general. After a month of using IronX, my penis reached 6.6 inches and I now can approach any girl with confidence.
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Thanks for the shared pic @TJ_LoneStar! It really looks impressive.
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It's funny, my brother told me the other day that he got IronXmale 3 weeks ago and was very happy with the results. I wanna try them too.
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IronX sounds really great! I'll get the a bottle for my husband. Will let you guys know how it goes :)
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I have been taking these Iron X male pills for 2 weeks and I can guarantee that the results is impressive. It's crazy how it works so fast!
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Hello from Florida! I ordered a bottle for my boyfriend and I can't wait to receive it. It would be crazy not to try them!
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This is the bomb! All natural and my results are too! Look at THIS!!!! Proof, my first bottle! I'm ordering more guys, try it!!!
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Jesus! @Georg_Luk, you're a beast!
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Thank you for the tip. I ordered the Iron pills for my boyfriend. This is a miracle lol. His erections are huge and super long lasting now ...
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Keep going man, love your blog. Can you share some of the movies you've done?
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I ordered a package and I assure you it's perfectly functional. I had some problems in bed. Everything is fine now! Thanks!
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I also heard of these pills. It works and it's not expensive.
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My girlfriend loves my new grown boy! She thought it was a dildo! It's not.. Guys, I'm telling you, order this shit now!
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How much does it cost? Don't see the price here..What's the official site?
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I too have heard of these pills... My husband uses them for a while now, and I love the results! I't not just that's bigger but it's firmer and more solid. Also, the sex lasts longer and that's a big plus for me since I can come during the sex now. Girls, if you're reading this - order it for you hubbies!
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These pills are just great. They worked for me in week one. It's just perfect!
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That's interesting. I did not know that's United States only. This is much more reassuring than what we receive as spam since you simply can't sell anything in USA without control.
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Maybe you should order them after you see my pic.. CRAZY to see the results in person too ;) ;)
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