Business Intelligence Is Not Plug-And-Play


It takes considerable experience to deploy BI that provides maximum benefits. You need to find a provider who starts from an extremely sophisticated understanding of business. Next, your chosen provider must be able to get down in the trenches of your business and understand your needs.
Of course, those are only the beginning experience requirements. Your provider must have expert-level command of every single potential of your chosen BI system.


A Little About KMS’ Experience

Founded in 2004, KMS designs, develops and deploys Business Intelligence systems.


More than 500 Business Intelligence implementations over 15 years that serve more than 10,000 end users


KMS has delivered systems to companies in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the United States.

KMS Has Expertise In Implementing The
Top Three BI Platforms


We focus on the best among all the choices of BI software. Because we’ve worked with all the software on the market, we provide you real-world information on your choices. We’ve narrowed it down to the top three BI
platforms—and focus our implementations on them.

Software for business intelligence and data visualization.

  • End-to-end data management and analytics

  • Uncovers insights that query-based BI tools miss.

  • AI and cognitive capabilities offer insight suggestions, automation and conversational interaction.

Software for interactive data

  • Data visualization tool used in Business Intelligence.

  • Transforms data into actionable insights.

  • Simplifies raw data into easily understandable format.

  • Data visualizations are in the form of dashboards


Microsoft BI

Provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence.

  • Interface is simple enough that end users can create their own reports
    and dashboards.

  • Combines the functions of a database server and an informational

  • Offers a complete set of technologies and tools, based on SQL Server,
    SharePoint Server and Excel.


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