All your bills in one place.

It manages your bills so you
don't have to

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  • Completely eliminates all paper bills from your life.
    Paytrust receives your bills for you.
  • Your paper bills are then scanned and
    displayed online for you to see.
  • Electronic bills arrive directly to
    your account.
  • Pay in one click.
  • No need for checks, stamps, or envelopes to mail.
  • You can receive and pay all your bills all within one site.

Enjoy Maximum Control & Flexibility

Tell us who, when and how much

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  • Pay anyone. From your gardener to your
    credit card bill.
  • Paytrust lets you pay electronically, or will cut
    and send a paper check for you.
  • Set any bill for manual or automatic payment,
    pay in full, or just the minimum.
  • Create your own rule for how the bill gets paid (i.e. pay bill if less than $200. If more than $200, pay nothing, and send me an email notification)
  • Use any bank and pay from up to 10 accounts at multiple banks.

Never Keep a file or bill again

All your bills saved and
organized online

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  • No need to worry about filing bills or
    shredding ever again.
  • Paytrust provides you with bill and payment
    details in customizable reports.
  • Keep up with your bills ‑ even when away from
    home. All you need is internet access.
  • When a new bill arrives in Paytrust, you have the details you need without running to the mailbox.
  • You can receive and pay all your bills all within one site.

Avoid Cost late fees

Paytrust does the remembering
for you

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  • Pay on-time, avoid late fees, and keep a
    healthy credit score.
  • Automatic reminders keep you abreast
    of when a bill arrives.
  • Alerts notify you of impending due dates.
  • Paytrust will help smooth things over with your payee if any late payment is our fault.

One Stop Multiple Solution.

The only site you need for
all your bills

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  • It's tough to keep up with all the website usernames and passwords to manage your bills. Paytrust eliminates
    confusion by consolidating all your bills in one place.
  • One secure username and password to view all your bills.
  • Unlike online bill pay through the bank, Paytrust is the
    complete solution. It receives your paper bills for you and presents it to you online all within Paytrust.
  • View your bank balances all within Paytrust using
    Real Balance, powered by Mint®.

Safe & Secure

Your security is our top

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  • Made by the makers of TurboTax, Mint and Quicken.
  • Paytrust is a secure site and uses industry recognized
    security safeguards
  • All information sent to and from the Paytrust Bill Center is encrypted and sent through a secure Internet connection.
  • You are the only person who can authorize payments to be issued by Paytrust against your account.

What the press is saying

The best of the bunch. Ideal for business
travelers who hate coming home to a mailbox full of already overdue bills.”

- Yahoo Internet Life

...imagine laying your handson absolutely none of your bills. For this luxury, Paytrust is the magic word.”

- Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Why our users love Paytrust

I love Paytrust. I've been using it for several years now. I like it because it is bank independent, and you make it easy for me to make anybody a new payee to make payments.”

- Patrick Sutherland
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Make Life easier

  • Want to simplify your life?

    Paytrust means no more bills stacks,
    reminder notes, or wasting precious time.

  • Travel a lot?

    Manage your bills anytime, anywhere, on a laptop or mobile device.

  • More than one address?

    Bills for multiple addresses can go straight to your Paytrust account.

  • More than one bank?

    With Paytrust you can pay from up to 10 different accounts at different banks.

  • Caring for someone else?

    Have Paytrust gather their bills and send them straight to your account.